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Character for dc_nation Biography can be found here. Mun Journal is allronix1

Starfire continued to lead and train the younger members of the Titans, but it was an increasingly lonely life, as the younger Titans were not as unified and the older Titans were scattering to the winds. A breach in the universes sent an injured Nightwing to the Lunatic Cafe, a place between worlds. One of the patrons who aided him was the stranded Hugo, who could not return to his own universe, as he had been fated to die there. Kory arrived in person to thank Hugo for aiding her former lover-turned-shieldbrother, and the two hit it off immediately. A whirlwind courtship ended in marriage (first for him, third for her), and a pregnancy.

Pharras, a distant relation to one of Kory's former, ill-fated husbands arrived to the tower just before Kory was due. Pharras was attempting to persuade Koryand'r to return to the throne of New Tamaran, and was horrified to find that she not only appeared to be enjoying her exile on Earth, but had married a human man and was expecting a half-breed child. Furthermore, she had little interest in reclaiming the throne, saying that the time of the House of And'r had passed. Pharras surprised her and used the distraction to kidnap her. While in captivity, she gave birth to Luum Simon Anders. A rescue party was sent, including Nightwing, Hugo, and Black Knight One. Hugo's acting talents and ability to assume Tamaranian disguise got him close enough to his wife to smuggle a UV light to her, allowing her to break out of captivity and hand the newborn over to Hugo while she turned Pharras into a pile of ash for her kidnapping and the attempted murder of Luum.

Soon, others would return to her life; including those she hadn't met or expected to meet. Raven, trapped between universes, cried for help via her friend's dreams. Participating in a ritual of sorts to aid her, and to fight off her demonic pursuers, Raven not only was able to escape, but brought Nightstar with her. While the alternate-universe daughter was certainly a surprise, Kory was quick to embrace her and glad Hugo was the understanding type. she would later do battle at the side of her daughter and Nightwing against Croutex during Operation Chaos.

When Arsenal proposed his idea to challenge the Greek Gods for the return of Donna, Starfire was eager to help. Hades's blatant cheating, and the death of her comrades sent her into a barely controlled rage, which aided her in victory against Orion the Hunter and the Army of the Dead Hades inflicted as a last-ditch attempt to keep the Titans from victory.

Other adventures she has been involved with in Nation-verse include the incident where Dark Angel swapped out several Titans with enemies, mistaking Face for her true husband, and going along as a member of Gar's "family" when he went to meet his girlfriend's parents. She was also influential in Black Knight One's decision to surrender himself to JLA authority. She was also part of the raiding party hunting Dr. Light's allies during Degeneration Y, and fought against the Groundlings during Santana Slade's rescue.

Her good fortune has been marred as of late; Blackfire has come out of hiding and taken over Thangar. As a part "warning shot" and part "counting coup," she made a visit to Earth and murdered Hugo. Luum managed to escape and tried to warn his mother, but it was too late. Also, Nightstar was among those taken by Rip Hunter to repair a fissure in space-time. Kory now concentrates on being battle-leader for Titans West and raising her son.

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