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Green Lantern Stewart has approached me and expressed his intent to create a strike team to Thanagar, and bring Kommand'r to "justice." The Lantern thinks a jail can hold her, and while I can appreciate the sentiment, I doubt this journey will end in anything but death.

It will be hers or mine.

Twice before I have saved her against my better judgment - once on Okarraa, the other on a Psion ship. I had plenty of reason to wish her dead; six years of the most degrading slavery unimaginable to human minds, her arrogance causing the destruction of my people's adopted home, causing untold deaths, her tarnishing of the House And'r name with her criminal acts, and her "warning shot" against my little boy which led to the death of my husband.

Part of me has been waiting for this day, and part of me dreads it. Kommand'r has been half a galaxy away, out of reach, while I grieved alone for Hugo's death. My tears have dried, and my little Luum continues to thrive in Earth's sun, but I watch him so carefully, as he is all I have left of my husband. I also have the child of my soul and heart, Mar'i, who has returned from the Dream King's service so recently.

It is not for myself I do this. Hugo would not approve of me taking a life, even if it is that of my monstrous sister, but he no longer lives to restrain my hand and cool my anger. Ah, he was so good at it. His cooling influence and quiet nature live on in Luum.

If I were to fall in battle, I do not fear for my little boy. He has a large family at the Tower who will raise him, train him, and fuss over him. It would still be a hole missing from his heart, the same hole I see in Mar'i's that reminds me that I was not the one who carried her.

But it is for the sake of my children that this must be settled. Otherwise, she dangles like a sword above our heads.
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What are you most passionate about and why?

I have been trained since I could walk to become ruler and defender of my people. Never let it be said that the people of Tamaran are without passion.

But it isn't Tamaran my passion belongs to. It is Earth, ostensibly a place of exile. This is my home, and those I defend it with are my greatest passion. I miss my parents and I love Ryand'r, but my son is of this planet. My lost daughter is of this planet. The men I have loved have been of this planet.

I am not royalty here, and I do not care to be. I am happier as a defender of this planet than ruling the planet I left.
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She has lost many loves, has suffered much over the years, but this loss has stuck her harder than most.She was out on patrol when Luum flew to her, confused and upset. "Seyla, Daddy said to find you it's important."Followed by the words she dreaded most."He says your sister's here."She pulled Luum to the nearest SFPD patrol car and sped home. But it was too late. The window was shattered, the sirens were going off, and everyone was huddled around a charred pile of smoke. There was not even a body to bury. She remembers screaming, cursing, crying to X'hal and swearing every kind of vengeance in a crazed fury. Victor had to hold her back, as he was the only one nearly strong enough to do so, as Raven reared up and did something to render unconscious.***The next morning, she announced her leave of absence from the Titans. She has retreated to Aalamar, a Tamaranian colony world known for its healing waters and peaceful temples to X'hal. She has come here mostly for Luum's sake, as the child wakes up screaming and crying, fearful his mother will die as well. She cannot lie, she can only tell him that it is a risk. This cannot reassure her beautiful son, and it does not console her when his stunning blue eyes fill with tears
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Settings cranked to their maximum and all safeties off, Kory is going for a tougher workout than usual.

Ducking the beams, and flying over obstacles, she moves with cat-like precision. One emitter down...

Two emitters down...

Dodge the incoming fire from the third, and whirl around to clobber the combat robot. The Starbolt sends it flying to crumple into a heap at the other end of the room.
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With the news of Blackfire's return, Kory had been edgy and prone to anger. Vigorous workouts in the training room have done much to exhaust her physically, but her mind still races.

She stands at the window, looking up into the stars, unable to sleep. Luum is curled up in his own bed in the next room, and she keeps looking over her shoulder at her husband.


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